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Scott Effner P.G. - Principal Geochemist / Hydrogeologist

Resumé for Scott Effner (pdf format)

Scott Effner, Principal Geochemist/Hydrogeologist for Whetstone Associates, specializes in
ground water hydrology, geochemistry, and water resource studies for mining, energy, and

industrial projects.  Mr. Effner has been involved with over 75 projects during the last 20 years

in which groundwater hydrology, geochemical characterization, water quality monitoring, or

numerical modeling were the focus of work.  Mr. Effner has broad experience performing

hydrologic and geochemical studies for mine permitting and construction, and is knowledgeable

about water resource and geochemical issues related to NEPA studies.  Mr. Effner’s main areas

of expertise are in hydrogeologic characterization and testing, design of water control systems,

numerical modeling of aqueous geochemistry and groundwater flow, design of water quality

monitoring networks, and preparation of geochemical characterization studies.


Representative  Project Experience

Blackfoot Bridge Mine EIS, Idaho
Water Resources and Geochemistry Technical Lead –
Responsible for the
design and implementation of baseline water resource and geochemical
characterization studies for the Blackfoot Bridge Phosphate Mine Environmental
Impact Statement (EIS).  Project work included oversight of all technical aspects
of the water resources and geochemical characterization studies, preparation of
the EIS impact analysis, and numerical modeling of groundwater flow and
contaminant transport.  The project is in progress with an expected completion
date in 2009.


Rasmussen Ridge Mine EIS, Idaho

Water Resources and Geochemistry Technical Lead – Responsible for the
development of the water resources impact analyses and geochemical evaluation
for the North Rasmussen Ridge Mine Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). 
Project work included the review and development of baseline characterization
studies, analysis of hydrologic and geochemical data, numerical modeling  of
contaminant fate and transport, and senior review of geochemical modeling.


Alumbrera Mine, Catamarca, Argentina

Developed a 12,000 gpm water supply for the construction and operation of a
large copper mine and mill in northern Argentina.  Project work included evaluation
of ground water potential, numerical modeling of the aquifers capacity, and the
installation of 7 large-diameter production wells.  The well field successfully met its
design capacity and observed drawdowns are in good agreement with modeled


Swartzwalder Mine, Golden, Colorado

Prepared hydrologic characterization analysis for closure of the Swartzwalder
Uranium Mine.  The scope of the project was to provide analysis of the rate of
mine flooding, evaluate potential impacts to water resources and to develop a
geochemical model (PHREEQci) to predict uranium and other metal mobility in
mine discharge.  Project work also included the development and evaluation of
monitoring and mitigation strategies to reduce impacts Ralston Creek.


Southern Perú Copper Corporation, Perú

Performed an audit of the surface and ground water monitoring network for
Toquapala and Cuajone mines, related tailings facilities, analytical laboratory, and
smelter and port facilities.  Mr. Effner also presented short courses to SPCC staff
about the design of ground water monitoring networks, ground water and
contaminant transport modeling using MODFLOW and MT3D, and equilibrium
based geochemical modeling using PHREEQci and MINTEQA2.


Ortiz Mine, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Developed a predictive geochemical model for the Ortiz Pit Lake.  Equilibrium
methods were used to identify and constrain geochemical controls on water quality. 
The model incorporated humidity cell, acid-base accounting, XRD, microprobe and
imnologic data to estimate the long-term pit water quality.  Depth profiles were
developed to investigate the potential for chemical stratification of the lake.


Monarch Mine, Venezuela

Developed hydrogeologic characterization and water control recommendations for
shaft sinking and and mining.  Project work consisted of underground mapping, drilling,
and packer permeability testing.  The final characterization report contained estimates
of construction and long-term inflows to shafts, and strategies for cover grouting,
dewatering, and mine water management.