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Susan Wyman P.E., P.G. - Principal Civil Engineer

Resumé for Susan Wyman (pdf format)

Susan Wyman, principal hydrologist and civil engineer for Whetstone Associates, specializes in
surface water and groundwater control, flow and contaminant transport modeling, water supply
evaluation, groundwater and soil remediation systems, and in the collection and analysis of geologic
and hydrologic field data for water supply evaluation, permitting, and remediation.  She has extensive
experience in the both the technical and managerial aspects of preparing engineering design reports,
Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, Water Rights applications, Ground
Water Discharge Permit applications, NPDES Permit applications, Discharge Monitoring Reports,
Site Characterization reports, and Remedial Action plans.


Representative  Project Experience:

EnergySOLUTIONS Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility, Utah

Conducted vadose- and saturated-zone flow and contaminant transport modeling of
hazardous and radioactive constituents in support of several Utah Ground Water
Discharge Permits.  Used the UNSAT-H and HELP3 codes to evaluate infiltration
through closed cell covers and moisture content in the subsurface profile.  Used
PATH-EPA code to evaluate potential exposure to radionuclide, metal and organic
constituents at a point-of-compliance well over time.  Preparation and submission
of reports, and follow-up support with UDEQ.


Lisbon Valley Mine, San Juan County, Utah

Modeled groundwater flow and geochemical transport systems using finite element
and robust spreadsheet models.  Prepared hydrogeologic reports in support of the EIS,
evaluated water supply potential and open-pit dewatering requirements, prepared
documents in support of the Water Rights Application to the Utah State Engineer,
prepared and submitted facility-wide Ground Water Discharge Permit Application,
performed field aquifer testing and water quality sampling for permitting.  Maintained
close client contact and worked with  agencies on a variety of groundwater-related issues.


Seminoe Road Coal Bed Methane Project, Carbon County, Wyoming

Designed, installed, and tested a water treatment system for the removal of iron, manganese
and barium at 3 surface water discharge points associated with 18 coal bed methane (CBM)
production wells.  Designed piping, valves, aeration tanks, filter tanks, and surface water
NPDES outfall, including pressurized and gravity-fed segments.  Provided recommendations
for erosion control at outfalls and in-channel drainage structures.


Diamond Airport Parking Facility, Salt Lake City, Utah

Performed field investigation of subsurface chlorinated hydrocarbon occurrence in shallow
groundwater and soils, developed remediation strategies and cost estimates, developed

statistical methods for evaluating clean up criteria, authored the Site Characterization and

Remediation Proposal, in support of litigation and under a Voluntary Cleanup Agreement

with the State of Utah.


Copper Flat Mine, New Mexico

Drilled, packer-tested, and completed bedrock wells peripheral to an open pit copper mine. 
Conducted aquifer pumping tests in alluvial wells, as well as sampling of groundwater

wells and surface water bodies.  Developed and calibrated a regional 3D finite element

ground water flow model to predict the effects of well field pumping and open pit mining on

local and regional hydrology.  Three decades of historical project data were compiled for the

development of the model.  Modeling results were incorporated into the EIS for new mine

operation.  Assisted with presentation and defense at public hearings before the state board.


K2 Mine, Ferry County, Washington

Designed a pumping and piping system to convey background mine water inflow from the

1290 level to a near-surface infiltration gallery.  Evaluated water quality and potential water

treatment requirements.  Calculated friction losses and surge pressures, and specified pipe

size and pump requirements for pressurized steel pipe system.  Designed HDPE gravity

piping system from the portal to the infiltration bed.  Provided dimensions and specifications

for infiltration bed components.